34 Cool Small Swimming Pool Ideas

Nowadays until the turn of the year, many people choose to be at home. Although life began to run normally, but there are still many people who postpone their holidays. Some of these people may feel bored, and if you have kids then they will start bothering you with questions when to go to the beach? Or a picnic to the park? So, are you going to ignore it or make smart moves such as making home entertainment area. The swimming pool will not only entertain the whole family, but also as a substitute for a fun holiday.

For some reason, a swimming pool may sound perfect but not everyone is lucky to have the sufficient budget or area to make it happen. Today I want to share the idea of a small swimming pool that is not only practical, but also will become a favorite in your home area. Although not many people actually have a large area, this swimming pool design is here to solve all your problems. Here is a large collection of small pool ideas and some tips on how you can do them, let’s check them out!

Take advantage of any existing area

Having a swimming pool at home seems to be the dream of many people, especially if at this time you decide to be at home often. Making a swimming pool doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, even a small swimming pool with the right arrangement and selection of comfortable furniture will be the most fun area for the whole family. If the outdoor area is really narrow, then the best way is to utilize every inch that you have as part of the design of the pool. For example, you can combine a swimming pool with wooden floors or comfortable furniture, or combine a swimming pool with a yard or backyard.

Create functional areas

Although the pool is designed for swimming or as an entertainment area, but you can make it more functional. A reading corner, play area, outdoor living room, and even a small party can be done at the pool. When you need a vacation and your family is getting bored at home, maybe this method can be a fun entertainment.

Furniture and accessories

There aren’t many things that you can put in a small swimming pool. That is why the selection of the right funitur and accessories will be very useful to bring your swimming pool. Try not to place too many furniture near the pool, you can choose one or a practical lounge chair when you want to sit or sunbathe by the pool. As for accessories, you can put some plants on the edge of the pool.

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