5 Cool And Inspiring Ways To Decorate Your Shop


Many of the shop owners prefer quality and competitive prices to increase their sales. In fact, nowadays there are many online shops with really affordable prices. For those of you who have a physical store, is supposed to change the appearance of both interior and exterior store to make it more attractive buyer.

For those of you who are currently or shop business is slow, you might need to think to redecorate your store. The concept of an attractive small store design can make consumers or curious buyers who attract them to come to your store. Even if your store concept makes them comfortable, it will definitely increase the sales of the products you sell, so they will be happy to come again and again.

In this post, I inspire shop owners and small businesses so that you sell more and more buyers. Especially in an era where everything is online, it is very important that you can compete!

1. Inviting shop facade design

Some say the first look is the most important thing. That’s why, you need to pay attention to the design of your shop facade. If the facade of your shop is attractive, it will indirectly become the center of attention of people who pass in front of the shop to enter your shop.


To make it more attractive, try to display your best products in the front window display case. The exterior design of the store must also be made as attractive as possible and describe the product that you are selling, for example, you can make a big logo on the front, colored facade, or create a unique facade design.


2. Creative store design concept

So that your shop is always remembered by buyers, try to create a store design concept that is as creative as possible. You can create a theme appropriate to the products that you sell or add a contemporary touch to the interior of the store. There is no limit to what interior style you want to use, but it will be more interesting if the store design is able to highlight the products you want to sell.


3. Organize product layout and storage areas

Even though your shop is small, don’t let your shoppers feel uncomfortable while shopping. Arrange the layout so that products are easy to reach, and easy access for shoppers to explore all parts of the store. From the first time you log in, you try to put the display shelves that lead to further products.


It is very important to strategically arrange product storage areas. You can arrange the display racks face to face or arranged in layers to get around the limited space. Also take advantage of the wall area as an additional display rack.


4. Maximize shop interior lighting

Like homes that need lighting, stores also need light to enhance the appearance of the products you sell. Good interior lighting store can show the shape and color of the original products sold, or even make the product more attractive in the eyes of the buyer.


For small shops, you can use more than one chandelier, or LED lighting placed around the display rack. To enhance the look, also add decorative lights, lanterns or neon lights.


5. Redecorate the shop regularly

In addition to always updating the products in your store, you also need to redecorate the display in your store regularly. You don’t have to change an existing concept, start by changing the arrangement of shelves and products and adding new decoration elements.




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