7 Adorable Kids Bedroom Ideas With Gallery Wall

Each bedroom is designed with attention to function and comfort for everyone, including children. In this room, your little one often spends his time sleeping, playing, and studying. So that your little one always feels at home in their room, parents should be smart in arranging kids room to take advantage of the existing corner as part of the decoration.

Kids rooms are usually not too big. That’s why you need to pay more attention let alone let the walls feel empty. Apart from adding paint or wallpaper, making a wall gallery for a kid’s room is a cute idea. In this area, your little ones can display whatever they like, from artwork, posters, to their favorite characters. For parents, a child’s wall gallery can be evidence or a frame of memories from the child’s birth to their current age.

Here are 7 gallery wall ideas to increase comfort and beauty in a kid room.

1. Printable dinosaur

Dinosaur theme is very liked especially boys. This wall gallery displays a collection of printable dinosaurs with cool black and white frames.


2. Cute photo frames

Every little girl will fall in love with this wall gallery. You can choose photo frames with cute designs as part of their room decoration. To make it even more beautiful, combine it with a matching colored wall paint.


3. Rainbow theme

Rainbows always bring joy to children’s rooms. So, you can consider this theme for their wall decoration. If you feel this color is too flashy, try choosing pastel or neutral wall decorations and then combine it with a bohemian touch.


4. Cartoon animal

The animal world is always fun for kids. Like this animal cartoon wall gallery that will brighten up their room. You can arrange it on the wall in groups with different frame sizes.


5. Display art wall

At the age of children, any work they make will be valuable. Collect their artwork, either pictures or graffiti, to decorate the walls in the room.


6. Jungle adventure

Take the kids on an adventure by making a bedroom with a forest theme. In addition to placing furniture and accessories with the same theme, you can also use an empty area on the wall with posters or create a gallery wall.


7. Ocean life

In addition to jungle adventures, underwater life is also an interesting theme for kids rooms. Crab, starfish, shark and some holiday accents decorate the walls of this room.


8. Colorful photo frames

There is no limit when you want to decorate a kids room. From adding bold color or creating a statement wall like these yellow photo frames. Not only as a photo display or collectible but also makes the wall feel more aesthetic.



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