7 Best Area Rugs That Boost For Any Room

In decorating a room, rugs can be an important key destroyer of any living space. However, many of us find it very easy to change the interior style by simply adding a rug, even though you have to adjust the pattern and design of the rugs to fit the interior concept. If you’re trying to start with rugs, or just want to find the perfect finish for your furnished room, there are many rug options that can fit any budget.

There are many motifs and types of rugs today, but area rugs have a longer life because they are easier to manipulate. Not only are rugs easier to clean, they are lighter when you want to rotate them more often. For some reason, you’ll want to try something different so you don’t get bored with the existing rugs. Before you specify your favorite rug, it helps you to think about where you want to place it, figure out what materials and styles tapestry that best suits your needs. Don’t just because of the beautiful pattern, you neglect the function that should be your benchmark in decorating. Here are 7 best area rugs that will boost for any room!

1. Rugs for living room

Living room rugs are becoming the most popular and are much loved by many people. They believe that adding a rug will make the room feel warmer and more comfortable, especially when entertaining guests who come to the house. Only with a rug you can add a theme and even a different nuance to the living room.


2. Rugs for bedroom

The bedroom is a private area that should be made as cozy and attractive as possible. To increase your comfort in resting, there is nothing wrong if you add a rug. Place a rug under the bed or just under your feet, and you will always feel warm when you wake up for the first time to set foot on the floor.


3. Rugs for home office

Do any of you work at home or like to bring office work to do at home? To make your work time more comfortable, add a rug under your desk and chair. In addition to beautify the home office, soft footing will help you stay comfortable in work.


4. Rugs for kitchen

For women or housewives, the kitchen is a favorite area for cooking. Here you usually prepare breakfast or make your favorite food menu. To beautify the kitchen, add a rug with a specific motif. You should adjust to your kitchen area, it could be a rug with an elongated shape or cover the entire floor of the kitchen.


5. Rugs for bathroom

Putting a rug to the bathroom might sound a little strange. This area is usually damp and often gets water. However, there are certain bathroom designs that make it possible to carry a rug as a base. A bohemian-style bathroom with a bath is perhaps a popular one for adding a rug.


6. Rugs for kids playroom

Kids playroom is an area where children often spend time either playing or studying. As parents, of course you want your children to feel safe and comfortable when they are doing activities. Add rugs for the playroom, in addition to protecting children from the cold floor, this rug will add to the aesthetics of the room.


7. Rugs for reading nook

Do you like to read or do you even have a reading corner where you usually spend time with good books? In addition to comfortable chairs and bookshelves, placing rugs will make your reading corner even more enjoyable.



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