7 Best Think Wall Art For This Halloween

Halloween art can be more than you think. In the traditional sense art cannot speak to everyone, maybe some people think it is art but for people who don’t understand it is just an ordinary painting or doodle. This Halloween I wanted to add a different touch especially for a blank wall. The fact is that you don’t have to buy a painting. prints, or personal photos just because you feel that’s what you should display on your wall.

So, what should you hang on your Halloween wall? Today’s wall décor ideas are all about balancing and creating a Halloween feel in a unique piece of art. It would be nice if you didn’t leave the walls alone, and maybe put in some personal touches that you like for Halloween this year.

Halloween isn’t always all about ghosts and spooky stuff, although you can still incorporate those elements, some unique ideas for wall art still make for beautiful displays. I hope they inspire you to try to think outside the box a little bit, and I’m sure these 7 Halloween wall art inspirations will become your favorites!

1. Photo frame

Forget about hanging up family photos for Halloween! You can replace it with a spooky vintage photo frame.


2. 3D specimen gallery wall

Various Halloween specimens gather in this wall gallery. The use of 3D effects makes this wall art look real and extraordinary.


3. DIY bat wall

Bats are the most popular decoration element on Halloween. You can make a DIY paper bat project to liven up your Halloween wall.


4. Creepy hands with lantern

This wall art is not only spooky but also adds light to your interior. You can create a fog effect to make it feel more dramatic.


5. Ghost macramé

Want a touch of boho to your Halloween walls? Use macramé in the shape of a ghost and then hang it as part of your décor.


6. Halloween plate wall

Hanging plates as Halloween wall decorations can be an interesting idea. You can paint or make quotes on plates you like to add a personal touch to the décor.


7. Skeleton wall collection

Apart from ghosts, bats and other creepy elements, skulls are one of my favorites. So, in the last list I have a collection of skeleton with various shapes and silhouettes that will amaze you.



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