7 Best Tiny Houseplants For Office Desks


No matter how heavy your work is, it will feel light and fun if the office desk is designed properly. Starting from storage units, furniture, to other accessories that support your daily work. So that you don’t get bored quickly, one of which is that you can place small ornamental plants in the room to beautify your office desk.

If all this time your desk is always full of laptops, files, and piles of work documents, now you can add a little fresh touch to the décor. The presence of these ornamental plants in addition to beautifying the room is also a source of inspiration when you feel bored with work. However, not all types of ornamental plants are suitable for office desks. Here we have collected 7 best small houseplants that you can make reference. Please scroll down and find your favorite houseplant!

1. Terrarium

Terrarium became the first plant that was very attractive as a work desk decoration. In addition to their unique shape because they are in glass, terrariums are also able to survive in any room conditions, even they can grow in air-conditioned rooms.


2. Cactus

This plant that usually grows in desert areas can be a great addition to an office desk. Its mini shape and not easy to wither become its own charm. However, you still need to water it and occasionally give it sunlight.


3. Orchid

Orchid plants have beautiful and colorful flower shapes. If usually this plant is often outside, it turns out that orchids are also good to be placed indoors. Bringing orchids to your desk is a great option to beautify a room.


4. Bamboo Plant

Some types of bamboo plants such as ornamental bamboo have a mini size. You can create a tropical vibe at your work desk with this plant. In addition, bamboo is also believed to bring good luck to its owner.


5. Bonsai

If you are a bonsai fan, you will definitely agree that this plant is one of the best types of mini plants for any room. Bonsai is a miniature of the shape of the original plant so that it looks natural as an office desk decoration.


6. Philodendron

Philodendron is one of the best tropical plants that is often used as an indoor ornamental plant. In addition to its beautiful leaf shape, this plant also has the ability to absorb toxins in the room.


7. Succulent

Succulent houseplants have a beautiful shape and mini size which makes them very beautiful on the work table. Although small, this plant can release oxygen which makes your room feel fresher.



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