7 Cool And Stylish Kitchen Ideas With Black Color

Not many choose black for interior decoration choices, but a black minimalist kitchen seems to have its own fans for lovers of masculine style. In fact, a kitchen with a dark color impression even make black color increasingly look cool and stylish. With dark cabinets or black backsplashes, it makes the cooking area look more modern and feel cozy.

If so far many people think that a black kitchen looks gloomy and monotonous, but with the dominance of black in the kitchen, you have the opportunity to highlight other colors so as to create luxury. In addition, the black kitchen is now often considered to represent a chic kitchen style. If you are someone who likes dark kitchen interiors, some of these inspirations will catch your attention.

1. Black backsplash and table top

The easiest way to make a black kitchen interior is to use black tiles for the backsplash, granite table tops, and kitchen cabinets in matching colors. This look will give a modern impression with the much-loved black accent. So that the kitchen does not feel gloomy, add wooden wall shelves for a natural impression.


2. Black kitchen integrated with outdoors

Kitchens with black shades do sometimes make the room feel cramped. You can work around this by creating an integrated kitchen interior to the outdoors. Create an open wall that connects the kitchen with the garden or backyard to give you a visual outside. This method is very appropriate to be applied to a minimalist kitchen or a kitchen with a limited area.


3. Minimalist kitchen with open shelves

If you like the concept of a modern-style kitchen, don’t forget to make it functional to accommodate all your kitchen appliances. Create an open kitchen shelf by utilizing the wall area or kitchen backsplash. Besides being practical and making it easier for you when cooking, the open shelf design will make the kitchen look more aesthetic.


4. Black kitchen with wooden table

A touch of black kitchen was always gives the impression of casual, yet still stylish. All parts of this kitchen use a black kitchen set, and it looks more trendy with a wooden table that accentuates its natural impression. This wooden table can also be used as a comfortable dining area.


5. Open black kitchen with large windows and elegant white shades

The best way to make a black kitchen look less gloomy is to add a bright color like an elegant white. In addition, you can maximize lighting from outside by placing large glass windows that are proven to be effective in making the kitchen room bright.


6. Black kitchen with exposed brick

Black kitchens are often associated with masculine male styles, and adding an industrial touch to kitchen interiors is becoming popular nowadays. One of them is to make exposed brick as a black kitchen background.


7. Neutral black kitchen with natural white and brown colors

Black gives the kitchen a masculine feel, and if you don’t really like this style, you can make it look neutral by adding a touch of soft colors like white and brown. Choose a white color for the backsplash, and a brown color from the wood elements on the table top and door.



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