7 Creative Ways To Make Garden Without Outside Lands

Many people discourage their intention to have a garden at home, because they do not have land that allows for a garden. Whether because of the extensive house limited or currently live in urban areas so it is difficult to make a green park in curved space.

For those of you who have the same problem. Size is not an absolute thing to create a beautiful garden. Today we want to share ideas garden without the use of the land, even if you really do not have an area outside. Modern garden designs are currently creative enough to take advantage of every part of the room, and adding plants to the room is a very effective solution to dealing with limited land.

From easy plant selection to minimal maintenance, these landless garden ideas will be a fun part of your home.

1. Vertical gardens are a trend nowadays, apart from not requiring large areas of land, you only need to use the wall area as a place to place plants. There are various ways to make a vertical garden starting from using pots, attaching pots to the wall, to attaching vines.

2. Have you ever thought about making a room divider using plants? This plant idea is very functional to beautify the room as well as function as a barrier. Use a rack used for your clothes and change into a plant room divider.

3. The area near the window is the best place to place the plant. This area usually gets abundant sunlight and have a fairly wide area. Build a shelf by the window and use a small potted plant.

4. If the outside area is completely impossible to create a garden. Try making a garden indoors. Use an existing interior concept and mix it with various types of plants that you like.

5. In addition to using plant shelves, you can also create a garden with hanging pots. Place it in an area that is often exposed to sunlight, besides being a practical solution, this hanging pot can also be a decoration that will beautify your home.

6. Want a different garden design in the room? If you happen to have a ladder at home, why not try creating a beautiful garden there? Use pots and rope for hanging or placing plants around the stairs.

7. Raised bed planter can give a unique touch to your small garden. This small garden design usually has multi-storey shelves that you can place in any area and it doesn’t take up much space.


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