7 Easy And Simple Ways To Decorate Your Wall

Walls can be likened to a blank canvas in your room, this area is one of the important parts that need attention design. A wall can make a statement to any room, giving texture to the room while creating an effect that unites the elements around it. If usually people often ignore walls and focus more on other elements, then on the other hand, wall decoration can be the first priority for the concept and theme of the room we want.

Today we will try to focus on wall decor, there are many elements that can make your walls more beautiful, but I will summarize them into 7 best wall decor ideas that can become your favorites.

1. Shelves

Give your empty shelves on the wall, but will make the walls more exciting activity, you can also show off various collections of your favorite items, ranging from books, souvenirs, photographs, or other unique items. The use of this wall shelf is very practical to fill in the gaps in your wall. Choose shelves with a material that is strong enough like wood to add aesthetic value.

2. Clock

Wall clocks are not just a reminder of time, an attractive wall clock design can be a great addition to your walls. But keep in mind, it is better if the wall clock is not placed in the living room because it will make your guests feel uncomfortable every time they look at the clock.

3. Wallpaper

In addition to paint the walls, use a wallpaper with many motifs and patterns are the best choice. Besides making your walls more beautiful, wallpaper can also be used as a cover for small cracks in the wall.

4. Mirror

The unique and varied shapes of glass can also be used as part of wall decorations. You can put some of the glass to give effect to the room feel larger. Make sure you place it in a part that can beautify the room.

5. Photo frames

Use photo frames to decorate your walls, but make sure the grouping area does not exceed 2/3 the size of your furniture. This decoration is very good in the living room to beautify the room, you can use family photos, tours, or certain memorable photos.

6. Pot walls

Hanging or sticking plant pots on the wall has been in great demand lately. Bring natural elements into your home with a variety of pots decorating the walls. Try to keep the plant pots in an area that has a lot of lighting, such as near a window or entrance. Multiple choice indoor plants such as cacti and succulents, including the type of plant that is easy to maintain.

7. Tapestry

You can make a tapestry or wall carpet as a wall decoration to add texture and color to the room. Apart from giving a unique impression to the room, a tapestry is also a great addition if you like bohemian-style interiors.

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