7 Inspired Wooden Chairs For Minimalist Interior


Want your home to look minimalist? Choosing the right furniture is the main key in decorating. However, sometimes the many models of chairs to complete the needs of the house are often confusing. The chosen chair not only blends with the interior design, but also needs to support a lifestyle and is comfortable for everyday use.

Minimalist residential style has become a trend, especially for those who live in urban areas. The reason is, a minimalist home offers beauty while still looking simple while utilizing the function of each piece of furniture to make it feel optimal when used. Currently there are many choices of furniture designs to meet the needs of a minimalist home, ranging from chairs, tables, cabinets, and others.

Today we will focus on one of the most important design elements, the chair. These are basic pieces of furniture that serve as seating for various purposes. The right choice of wooden chairs can support comfort and beauty for any interior style. Wood material gives a warm and natural impression to your minimalist room, and here are 7 inspirations for wooden chairs that not only look aesthetic, but are also comfortable and functional.

Wooden Armchair

Wooden armchair is one of the classic chair designs which is always the best choice. This chair model is suitable to be placed in various rooms, such as the living room, dining room, and lounge room. This chair equipped with armrests will add to your comfort while doing any activity.


Wooden And Metal Chair

This combination of wooden chairs and metal elements is perfect for beautifying your minimalist home. This wooden model is flexible, space-saving, and can function as a bar stool, dining chair, or as a complement in the workspace. Wooden chairs with metal additions give the impression of being strong and durable without taking up too much space in the house.


Wooden Folding Chair

Folding wooden chairs are very functional, especially for those of you who have narrow land at home. It is very beautiful to be outdoors such as a balcony or minimalist style garden. This wood design gives a natural and modern impression. When not in use this wooden chair can be folded to save space if you want to use it for other needs. For added comfort, add a seat cushion that can be removed and installed as needed.


Wooden Rattan Chair

Many people think that rattan wooden chairs look outdated. Even though this wooden chair is the best complement for a minimalist residence while maintaining a natural and modern feel. The rattan wood chair material also gives a unique and artistic impression that cannot be found in other wooden models.


Wooden Rocking Chair

Having a rocking chair at home can actually make you relax a little. Especially if you are a busy person and rarely have time for yourself, the option of a rocking chair is worth considering. You can consider the design of a wooden rocking chair to be a casual friend in the afternoon. Choose a strong and quality wooden chair so that it is durable and safe to use.


Wooden kids chair

In choosing furniture for children it is very important to pay attention to their comfort and safety. Kids wooden chairs can also be an option for a play room or bedroom. Wooden chairs generally choose child-friendly materials, are sturdy, and have natural colors that are in harmony with the minimalist interior style.


Wooden Bar Chair

If at home you have a kitchen or dining room equipped with a mini bar, you can choose a wooden bar design to complete it. The high and slim shape of the bar stool can be a solution for limited space. In addition, the minimalist design makes the house look cool, but it is also functional and comfortable to sit on for a long time



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