7 Inspiring Bright Kitchen Color For Trend 2021


Have a hobby of cooking? It’s important to maintain mood booster has a cozy kitchen. The use of bright colors is believed to be able to keep you excited to cook at home with a variety of menus of your choice. Apart from kitchen decor to suit your personality, adding new paint colors to the kitchen is the most practical way to beautify your kitchen.

Some of these kitchen color collections will become a trend in 2021, 7 color choices that can give the impression of a bright room compared to other colors. To get the right paint for this year, today we want to inspire you with bright kitchen color ideas to liven up your kitchen.

1. Blue color

This color choice is perfect for those of you who have a soothing kitchen atmosphere. Blue is an elegant vintage color combination with a modern style for your kitchen.

Plus this shade feels cool for any season, the kitchen will not only look bright but trendy and stylish as well.


2. Dark brown color

Applying dark brown to your kitchen needs to be extra careful, if you don’t want your kitchen to feel dark.

However, this color gives the impression of natural or very suitable for those who want an exotic-style kitchen.

If your kitchen has wide open windows, a dark brown color like this will be interesting to apply as an interior kitchen accent on the backsplash wall.


3. Grey color

Basically, gray is a color choice that is suitable to be applied to any space, your kitchen is no exception.

Neutral and warm impression became the main attraction of this color, keeps you productive with shades of bright kitchen.


4. Light brown color

Want a calm kitchen atmosphere while highlighting your cooking utensils? Light brown is the right color choice to form a base in the pantry area.

Even though it looks simple, this color gives a natural impression because of the wood texture it presents.


5. Pink color

Interesting ideas to brighten your kitchen is to bring the feminine colors like pink adorable.

This color seems soft and suitable for those of you who are young at heart or want a more feminine kitchen look.


6. White color

White is a timeless color. This color will continue to create a trendy impression for your kitchen.

You can apply this color to the wall or storage cabinet located in the kitchen.


7. Yellow color

Yellow always makes the mood bright and cheerful, and applying this color to the kitchen is great for keeping your mood up.

This color symbolizes joy and can be applied to any part of your kitchen.



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