8 Creative Ways To Bring Paludarium Into Your Interior

There are many hobbies that you can do during the weekend at home. In addition to gardening, trying new recipes, or playing in the water with ornamental fish, now many people also enjoy doing a much-loved hobby, namely the paludarium. If this is the first time you hear of a paludarium, this is a very beautiful type of vivarium because it combines elements of land and water, then placed in an aquarium or glass container with a closed room.

In general, this paludarium is part of the aesthetics of the interior. The reason is, paludariums are different from aquariums in that they can give a natural feel in the room. In addition, the paludarium is also intended for scientific or horticultural research. As part of the vivarium, the paludarium differs from other variants. Paludarium is more focused on swamp habitat consisting of plants, water, fish, and rocks.

For those of you who want to bring a paludarium into your interior, in this post, I will share 8 creative ways to integrate it with your home. From placing it under the stairs to becoming a piece of furniture, here’s some inspiration!

Make use of the space under the stairs


The empty area under the stairs often does not get a touch of decoration. Now you can use this small area to build a paludarium that blends with the staircase design. This is entertainment in itself and will be the center of attention in the house.

Paludarium and storage rack


For those of you who live in tiny homes, it is common to choose furniture with a large storage area. Instead of the room looking boring, you can also insert a paludarium between the storage shelves.

Paludarium in the wall


The concept of the paludarium in the wall is very unique as well as interesting to imitate. Perfect for those of you who don’t have much space at home. This Paludarium can also be used as a space between one room and another.

Nature-inspired paludarium cabinet


Want to bring the feel of nature into your home? Showing a paludarium as part of the interior is the best idea. Make the most of the wall area to plant various types of plants. That way, the house will feel more refreshing.

Mini paludarium on the balcony


In addition to under the stairs, the balcony is also an area that is less attention to. This small space can turn into a favorite place to relax while enjoying the view outside, and a paludarium is a great addition without taking up too much space.

DIY paludarium on the floor


There are no rules for making a paludarium. The more unique and lush the paludarium, the more attractive it will look. So, try to design the paludarium as close to its natural habitat as possible. Create a landscape in the room, you can even place it on the floor.

Become a table decoration or meeting room


The table in the house looks ordinary? You can try decorating it with a paludarium. Place them at the end of the dining table, office space, or make an eye-catching decoration in a meeting room.

Showing paludarium in the living room


This idea is really cool because it uses a paludarium as the main focus in the room. Place a large glass case and make a paludarium that will amaze every guest.


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