A Charming Cabin By Interior Designer Leanne Ford


Sometimes I dream about a vacation home where I can escape from all the activities. Although I am very grateful for what we have, but I often imagine what if staying at the cabin. I think it’s very pleasant, comfortable, and what’s more I can forget for a moment about work and breathe the hustle and bustle of the city. When I gave up on my dream, this cabin in Echo Park, Los Angeles made me really fall in love. This four-bedroom cabin dates back to the early 20th century, owned by interior designer Leanne Ford.

For those of you who live or subscribe to TV in the US you may know Redirected by Ford which airs on HGTV. This TV show follows Leanne and her brothers as they turn a vintage Pittsburgh building into a magazine-worthy home, as the design of this charming cabin inspires.


According to Leanne, “We basically built a guest house on our property before we bothered with the “real house.” This 1906 cabin sits on a large plot of land in Echo Park and is sold as a ruin. Getting emotionally involved in all the old stuff, I can’t let that happen! So I spent the next year and a half fixing it. But I didn’t want to make it anything but small cabin style, so I did.”

So far, Leanne is known for her use of white paint. The paint color used for this cabin is Shoji White Sherwin-Williams, or better known as off-white.









source: style-files


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