Arcana: Invisible Cabins To Reconnect With Nature


Arcana is a movement that bridges the gap between urban life and the wild, offering innovative experiences by science and educational content to enable people to access the restorative power of nature with ease. Designed by Leckie Studio as well as being a design partner at arcana, providing architectural design and interior design for the cabin.

The 275-square-foot cabin is clad in reflective polished stainless steel and is barely visible in the surrounding deciduous forest. Inside, the minimalist-style interior features windows with prominent outdoor views to allow for an immersive in-cab experience. The project seeks to create a space for innovative science-backed wellness rituals and content that enables people to easily access nature’s restorative superpowers from anywhere.





We’ve known all along that time spent in nature has a significant impact on our well-being. In Arcana, you are invited to reconnect with the wonders of nature and nature’s superpowers. Arcana is now available for booking, it’s the ultimate getaway for creating experiences that are rooted in science and good for the soul.

Here are some things you can get:

Refreshing body and soul

Staying at the arcana will be filled with moments that are mentally and physically healthy, repairing your body and soul after being busy with super dense activities. Time in nature lowers both the stress hormone cortisol and blood pressure.


Science-based experience

Arcana offers a science-based experience that maximizes nature’s soothing and restorative benefits. Research shows interacting with the wild is a critical component of our mental and emotional well-being.


The perfect escape

Arcana experiences are designed to be enjoyed in solitude. Although you don’t need to interact with anyone during your stay. You will return home feeling more connected than ever.

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designer: leckie studio


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