Cumulus: A Happy Place Inspired By The Cloud


Have you ever imagined what is in the clouds? When I was a kid, I always saw clouds almost like blobs of cotton candy that looked delicious and dreamed that maybe they were celestial vehicles to ride. Inspired by the clouds that become parasites in the sky. That concept of Cumulus, an installation to achieve a state of calm. I have to thank Clap Studio for making my dream come true. This Valencia-based company managed to revive the dreams of sitting in the clouds.

Cumulus has a simple and regular shape, the interaction of cut with use involves variations in its shape thanks to the elasticity of the fabric covering the structure. Being in the cloud, the body was attracted by the lightness, it is a place where tranquility reigns. Through the cloth, you can only see the shadow of what is outside and the sound is not clear enough to see its origin. The combination of light and the serenity of the clouds makes for a serene relationship with a partially enclosed interior that makes anyone feel at ease.


The design is round-shaped cloud that can be pulled taut around a steel beam, elastic fabric creating an internal space that is similar to the feel of the trampoline. The sensation of sitting in the clouds is realized thanks to the bright white ball of cloth that evokes the feeling of being hung in the clouds. Three chandeliers also brighten up the interior to enhance the relaxed atmosphere inside, combining warm neon light with the optical brightness of the stretchy fabric.







photography: Thomas Lewandovski


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