Gamer’s Dream Room Design From IKEA


Every gamer has always dreamed of having the perfect gaming space to support their comfort. Starting from cool gaming room decorations, ergonomic furniture, as well as functional accessories designed specifically to make it easier for you gamers. IKEA understands this very well and has started to launch a large collection of gaming furniture that combines reliable performance, body-fitting design and an attractive appearance. This time, IKEA has specifically inspired gamers through its complete collection, including its newest collection of Matchspel gaming chairs, Uppspel wall shelves, and many more. Make gaming activities more comfortable and fun!

Take advantage of empty walls

Game rooms usually have a relatively small size, that’s why you have to be smart in organizing and storing things. Walls become empty areas that are often neglected, but if used properly this area will be extraordinary. Use perforated board accessories in combination with a glass-door cabinet that can be adjusted as needed to store and display game accessories and other action figure collections. To make it look cool, you can add an LED light strip on the back as a background.


Organized gaming desk

The right choice of furniture will greatly affect your performance in playing games. Create a cozy and fun atmosphere with a neat and organized room. Choose the best gaming table that can accommodate a variety of important accessories that are often used and make sure they are easily accessible. This gaming desk should be arranged properly so that you feel comfortable even if you use it for hours.


The best accessories to express yourself

Being able to vent emotions and express yourself is a satisfaction for gamers. In order to make playing games more exciting, choose the best game accessories that make you feel comfortable. Neck pillows, bungee mice, headset stands, even mugs and mug holders. The right accessories are the perfect add-on, helping you make the most of your battle area.


designer: IKEA


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