High House: Elevated Stilt Constructions Integrated With Nature


High House is a private home once a winter cabin is elevated above the snow-filled slopes in Quebec. This cabin was designed by Delordinaire who played with the boundaries between interior and exterior, inviting people to congregate in a space that is one with nature.

If usually raised stilt construction is usually used in warm climates and flood zones. This winter chalet uses a stilt typology to create a sheltered ground floor area with an outdoor stove. This is an unconventional space where occupants can get between nature and the snowy exterior while still having protection from the elements.


Thanks to this typology the stilts also elevate the house above the surrounding tree line thus providing an uninterrupted view of Mont Saint Anne from the lounge space and a striking overall aesthetic. It also allows direct sunlight into the house at any time of the day.


Clean, crisp lines and volume are achieved through the use of white concrete panel cladding and corrugated steel roof panels. In certain seasons such as cloudy and snowy days, the house blends with the white landscape that looks almost disappeared. While on a hot summer day, this white structure cuts a clear shape against the surrounding green hills.






Designer: Delordinaire


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