How To Bring Screen Room Divider For Natural Decor


The house with an open concept does have many advantages. Especially if your residence is not too large, a room without a partition makes it easier for you to organize and organize each room as needed. However, you still need to divide certain rooms to avoid clutter, separate certain rooms such as the living room, dining room, bedroom, and other rooms according to your residential concept. The best solution is to place a room divider or screen in place of the wall. If so far the screen only functions as a room divider, have you ever used it as a home decoration? They are very functional and stylish to incorporate into décor, as certain materials and prints give your surroundings a natural feel.

This is because screens with certain materials such as wood, bamboo, or rattan are good alternatives for open housing. It doesn’t completely separate the environment like a wall, allowing the two places to be partially visualized to maintain the connection between them. Today I want to inspire you on how to bring in screen room dividers for natural decoration, as well as tips for using them in your interior style. Curious as to what? Here’s the review!


Definition of Screen for Room Dividers

Before you start decorating, do you know what a screen is as a room divider? A screen is a panel structure, usually made of wood and natural materials, separated into several sides or sheets that can be folded or extended. They are traditionally used to divide, protect or conceal areas without the need for heavy, constructive structures. The use of this room screen originally came from Japan, which adheres to the philosophy of open and minimalist living. Its initial function is as a barrier to prevent wind from entering the environment.

Today many designers use screens with various possible sizes, designs, and materials. Made more modern and casual, and may even have different functions such as hangers, home mirrors, to storage areas. However, it does not lose its elegant style and ideas to make the room more intimate.


Room Divider Screen Materials

There are many choices of materials for room divider screens. However, if you want to give a natural feel, a screen with a wooden or bamboo structure is highly recommended. In the center and decorative parts of the screen, there are still several options using fabric, natural fibers, rope, or painted or coated MDF sheets. This combination of materials gives some new style to the screen, adapting it to the concept of the room, from the minimalist to the modern.


How to Use Screen Into Decoration

The need to quickly and easily divide a room makes screen the best solution today. That is why, combined areas such as dining and living rooms, attics and studios, to bedrooms and dressing rooms, they can be used to divide the room. Apart from their function, screens offer unique decoration possibilities with interior styles, not only because of their shape and material, but also because they are panels that usually have interesting patterns, prints or paintings. In a decorative sense, you can use screens to add style to your room.

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