How To Grow Monstera That Will Room Look Beautiful


Who doesn’t know Monstera? This houseplant is indeed in great demand by many people as a favorite ornamental plant in the house. Plants that have this unique characteristic are able to give a tropical look to any space. Currently, monstera always used as part of home decoration, office or as a complement to some interior concepts, such as the minimalist style and Scandinavia.

Before we bring this plant into your home, you should first know about this beautiful plant. Monstera is a type of vine native to Mexico and Guatemala. That is why this plant has a special characteristic leaf shape that can bring the atmosphere of a tropical forest into the room. For those of you who are interested in having this plant, in this post I want to help you to get to know the characteristics, treatment regimen, and which should be avoided when you bring these plants into the house. Keep up with our search!


Perforated leaf shape is characteristic of this plant

Monstera adult has the shape of a heart-shaped leaves and dark green color with a shiny surface. But what makes this Monstera unique is that thanks to its hollow leaves following the shape of the leaves, the more holes there are in this plant, the more beautiful and expensive it is. The type of monster that is often used is monstera deliciosa, but there are also other types such as variegata with white leaves.


Easy and fun maintenance

If most species of tropical plants require abundant light matahri, things are very different with monstera. Monstera is quite resistant to minimal sunlight, it can even be placed indoors. This plant is resistant to various temperatures, including placing it in an air-conditioned room. Even though it sounds easy enough, this plant really needs water for its life. So, you have to water it often.

Place Monstera in a cool environment with temperatures between 22-30 degrees Celsius during the day, and 15 degrees Celsius at night.


Breeding monstera plants

If you intend to reproduce this plant, you can start with simple methods such as stem cuttings. Monstera adult capable of removing the hanging roots that can dipotog and planted directly in the planting medium.

Use a good planting medium in the form of a balanced mixture of soil, sand and compost for each component. This plant can also grow in water with a simple container medium.


Resistant to pests and diseases

Monstera including ornamental plants that are resistant to pests and diseases. But you also have to always pay attention to the care of this plant such as fertilization and if necessary, give it a pest spray at a certain time.

You can do fertilization once a month for optimal results. If your leaves start to turn yellow, trim them immediately so they don’t spread to other leaves.


Including the types of poisonous plants

Although monstera have a beautiful leaf shape, but you must be careful with this plant. Almost all parts of this plant contain poison which is quite dangerous, from the leaves, flowers, to the stems.

So, make sure you put it in an area away from children or your pets.








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