How To Make Personal Areas In Shared Workspace


Nowadays working from home has become a common thing and is often done by most people, and if by chance not only one member of your family is also working from home then you need some tricks to get around this. Sharing space for a workspace in a limited-sized room is now not a problem. You can also create a work from home atmosphere that allows each family member to have a personal area to work more focused and productively.

This workspace can be in one room that is arranged in such a way. However, you still need to choose the right furniture to suit the needs of each family member. Luckily, today I discovered a collection of co-working spaces from IKEA and how to apply them to limited space. Make WFH more fun with IKEA furniture collection.

Comfort is everything

Place the sofa with attention to your comfort at all times, add soft pillows and warm blankets. Choosing the right color is also very influential to maintain the mood when working. Neutral colors that tend to be dark are the best choices because they are not too flashy so you can focus more on your work. A comfortable room will make your work atmosphere more conducive.


The right furniture

Furniture is one of the important factors that greatly affects your productivity and creativity at work. Use a laptop stand that is minimalist, lightweight, and easy to move so that every work you do is easy and practical. To keep you comfortable, add pouffe as a footstool as well as your favorite drink. Meanwhile, to give you privacy, use curtains as room dividers.


Functional workspace

For co-working spaces, try to create a work area that fits your function and needs. A work desk with a surface size that can accommodate a laptop looks like a functional workspace. For additional storage, use wall shelves as extra storage for important books or files.



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