Micro Green House: Easy And Functional Plant Tray Get Closer To Nature


Micro Green House is really a practical solution for those of you who want the convenience of indoor gardening. Put some kinds of beautiful mini plants, you can have some green life in life. Easy and functional in a plant tray + green house container. Now you can get closer to nature more easily with a micro green house. Not only can be placed anywhere, the unique shape add to the aesthetic into your room.

This plant tray is a greenhouse shape with an attractive appearance, allowing you to plant a small terrarium that lets in light and deters pests, as well as prying fingers off your prized houseplants, succulents or herbs. So say goodbye to dirty plant pots, or complicated plant care. Aside from being a plant tray, micro green houses can also be used as part of interior decorations such as decorative containers or accessories for tables.

Designer: Qualy Design






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