OGarden: Indoor Gardening System Up To 90 Fruits And Veggies


In times like this, learning to save money can be done from home, such as growing fresh produce indoors, which provides many benefits. Start of maintaining your budget to guarantee that the products are not in contact with any chemical pesticides or drugs, of course it will give you satisfaction as you successfully harvested from your own hard work. Introducing OGarden, a smart gardening system that makes the process a lot simpler.

OGarden is an indoor gardening system that allows you to grow a wide variety of fruits and vegetables in an easy way. By bringing produce to your home and can be enjoyed immediately when you need it. You no longer depend on the weather which as we know is very important in growing any plant. OGarden can accommodate up to 90 plants that can be planted simultaneously, including 60 plants that thrive in the wheel, and 30 more seeds that grow in the lower cupboard.


Unlike common gardening systems, OGarden has a more unique watering system to control water intake. Spinning wheel to give each plant the optimum amount of time to absorb the water, allowing them to flourish, while the secondary reservoir that is coupled with a pump to provide water for growing seedlings. OGarden is one of the best gardening systems for you to get your food, save budget, and always provide fresh produce for the family.


OGarden makes it easy for you to create an indoor gardening system because it is equipped with automatic watering that can grow up to 90 fruits and vegetables at the same time.




Are you difficult to find your favorite vegetable or fruit? With the virgin earth bag you can start growing your own seeds. You only need to plant the seeds, make sure there is enough water in the tank, and you can harvest your produce 30 to 40 days later. There are 90 seats on the wheel, so with a good rotation you can eat 2 to 4 vegetables every day.



OGarden Smart can automatically adjust to the watering pattern. This method can optimize growth. You only need to check your tank once a week and see how your garden is growing.






OGarden Smart LEDs simulate the perfect amount of sunlight for the development of your product, and will automatically turn on and off for convenience and save energy. Amazingly, they only require 120 watts of power.



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source: yankodesign


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