Surf House: Eclectic Bohemian Feel In Beach Retreat

Located in a hidden gem in the seaside neighborhood of Santa Cruz, Surf House into a vacation home the feel of luxury bohemian right on the edge of one of the best surfing in California. This house was designed by Feldman Architecture as a retreat in a simple setting. Thanks to the nuance and scale of the surrounding structures, the family owner dreams of a house that is naturally and sustainably suited to an eclectic coastal location.


First things first, the placement of the house is designed as a windbreak, the backyard and deck taking advantage of sea views, while the entrance and front yard, are tucked behind two separate structures (including a storage unit for the surfboard collection and an adjustable garage). The house is directly opposite where the sun shines, even in winter, acting as a convent warm and filled with light throughout the year but remain protected from the wind beach.

Outdoor space

The Surf House has public spaces that take advantage of indoor and outdoor connections, then seamlessly transition into the intimate front yard to the large warm open kitchen space, ending onto the back patio overlooking the sea. There is a large door that connects to a tau space spacious rear deck, this area is equipped with a hot tub in the ground and outdoor kitchen perfect for entertaining family and closest friends.


Interior in collaboration with Commune Design and landscaping from Ground Studio, Surf House strikes the perfect balance between tall design and casual California aesthetics, creating magic on an already magical site.

Photography: Stephen Kent Johnson


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