Tiny Greenhouse Design With Scandinavian Inspired


It has spacious 323 square feet, Elsa is a small house that was inspired by Scandinavian design that blends with the natural elements and earthy. It’s the perfect combination of overcrowded outdoor gardens and a greenhouse set right next to a pergola covered patio and swing for a lovely summer evening.

If a tiny house is usually a constraint on size and resource efficiency, this is not the case with Elsa. This house has an appeal that comes from its small size, when stretched to the edges, a tiny house can feel really spacious. Designed by a small family-operated luxury tiny house building company called Olive Nest, Elsa is a tiny house on wheels with a greenhouse, garden and patio swing attached.


Although it’s only 323 square feet in interior, and an 85 square foot exterior it’s a trailer that makes up a pergola covered patio, attached swing, and even a greenhouse. Natural wood exterior attachments blend with the tiny house’s cedar shiplap, adding to the home with understated simplicity, as described by Melodie Aho, daughter of Mary Susan Hanson and Randy Hanson, the trio behind Olive Nest. Scandinavian design chosen for aesthetic cover design is clean and largely unadorned, yet functional, defining the Elsa from inside and outside. In direct contrast to the natural cedar shiplap, the left side of the house has a metal exterior finish, and just above the cedar shiplap section, the metal pitched roof extends the attic ceiling on the inside.


Inside, the shiplap lines are whitewashed on Elsa’s inner walls and lit by natural sunlight streaming in through the fourteen windows on the first floor of the house. To make Elsa even more appealing, Olive Nest explains, “We used lots of windows and kept the ceiling high for an open and airy look.” The kitchen is open, with white-optic panels and a quartz countertop that sparkles with natural sunlight reflecting off. through windows and glass shelves. Layers are painted white cedar continues throughout the house, climbed up to the loft bedroom upstairs in amna still framed by six windows again.

On the exterior, Elsa welcomes residents and guests with a terrace garden and greenhouse, where you can relax on the porch swing. Then, stepping into a soft look natural look with white cedar shiplap whitewashed brightened with natural sunlight. Throughout the home, accents such as direct edge wood slabs and custom leather and brass fittings serve to remind residents of Elsa’s understated simplicity included in the details.















source: yankkodesign


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