Unique Ways To Decorate Your Home With Mosaic Tiles


In interior style, mosaic is a material that gives a unique impression both inside and outside the room. Not only does it give a different feel, now mosaics have become the choice of many people in decorating their homes. If you get bored with a color display or tile motif that was mediocre, maybe it is time to use mosaic tiles as finishing.

Mosaic is often used as a coating on wall panels, floors, bathroom walls, kitchen backsplashes, and part of outdoor decoration. Unique shapes, colors and motifs make the mosaic not only a complementary element but has become a major part of home design.

Mosaic presence has managed to steal the attention of interior designers, especially mosaic tiles easily applied to any room in the house. From conventional designs to mosaic art to beautify your garden, you can adapt them to the concepts and designs you want to present.

Combination of mosaic materials

Not much different from floor and wall tiles, mosaics are made of a combination of porcelain, kaolin, and other special materials. The manufacture is burned in an oven at a temperature of 2200º C for 24 hours. Once cooked mosaic has a unique shape shaped end pieces are then assembled on a nylon net. This net makes it easy to install because it acts as a binder as well as adhesive for small mosaic pieces.


Mosaic interior

The use of mosaic tiles in the interior was initially only as complementary materials, such as only on certain walls and floors, kitchen backsplashes, or as unique art furniture. But with the development, the mosaic has been the main material in interior design. This mosaic tile is considered capable of adding a unique, vintage, and aesthetic impression to any room in the house. For those of you who like art-style interiors or full of irregular patterns, mosaics are great for bohemian to classic interiors.









Outdoor mosaic

In addition to indoor, placing mosaics outdoors is also very popular, especially for those of you who like gardening. Mosaic tiles are not only used as a patio or backyard, but have become part of the garden landscape. Regardless of the size of your home garden, mosaics have become part of the garden landscape such as using them as walls and fences, garden paths, to other decorative objects made of mosaics.











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