Verde Creek Ranch By Lake|Flato Architects


Verde Creek Ranch is a secluded pastoral landscape that provides the perfect setting for a private family retreat. Designed by Lake|Flato Architects, this house sits on the bend of a major river. Tucked amongst Cypress trees along the river high and rocky hillside, the house structure tepid pushed into an indented, preserve an open finding a hidden place. Inspired by the camp experience, you must travel outdoors if you want to move from each bedroom structure to the shared living space. With a 12.8 kw solar panel on the roof of the carport and two Tesla batteries, the house can sustain itself through power outages and offset its energy use.

Carefully selected materials, the same Cypress wood finish is used on the interior and exterior and will naturally withstand the weather outside. Local Lueders limestone and plank-shaped concrete anchor the main fireplace and part of the building is buried in the hillside. The material palette is intentionally limited to wood, stone and concrete with metal connectors as needed. Wood frame structure remained open and was just filled with wood and glass side walls for shelter.


Most of these buildings float above the ground, allowing the occasional flood water to pass through. There is a meadow and a small open barn at the top that accommodates two horses, a ha-ha stone prevents horses from roaming around the house’s premises, but is still in full view of the house. The highlight of the outdoors is the open corner between the two common spaces, perched just above the creek, looking downstream through the trunks of Cypress trees, this is the best area to enjoy the cool Texas breeze.











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