10 Easy DIY Raised Bed Gardens For Balcony

Raised bed garden is an easy and practical solution for those of you who like gardening on limited land. For those of you who live in urban areas or in small houses, land is of course the biggest problem that is often faced. That’s why you have to be smart about every space you have, and the balcony may be the only accent you have outdoors. A small balcony can turn out to be a great opportunity for gardening, you just need a few little tricks and you’ll have a fruitful vegetable or herb garden at your fingertips.

Vegetable gardens can be created by anyone, they are not made specifically for farmers or just people who live near the fields. If you live in an apartment or even in a fourth-floor building, it’s still possible to have your own vegetable garden. Raised bed gardens work in any area, and your small balcony is no exception. This is the most fun gardening alternative where you can grow vegetables, herbs or flowers easily in a small space, so you can take this raised bed garden idea for a balcony.

1. This raised bed garden really doesn’t take up much space on your balcony. Equipped with media for vines so that it looks lush without having to sacrifice space on the floor.


2. Consists of three sections of raised plant rack. You can grow different types of plants in each part.


3. Give markers for different plant types. This raised bed garden is perfect for growing spices according to your wishes.


4. Made of metal material that is practical and easy to store. This raised bed garden is equipped with a planter box with an attractive color.


5. If you like DIY balcony planter projects, you can make your own from a wooden staircase to a raised bed garden.


6. Small in size and not too tall. This mini raised bed garden is perfect for apartment balconies and limited space.


7. Not only vegetables and herbs, you can grow a variety of flowers with a raised bed.


8. Equipped with a shelf to store your gardening tools. This raised bed makes it easier for you to grow crops.


9. The railing is probably the only place on the balcony that takes up the least amount of space. Choose a raised bed design that can be hung on a balcony railing, and you’re ready to go gardening.


10. Equipped with wheels at the feet, this raised bed makes it easy for you to garden in any corner of the balcony. Instead of lifting it, you just push it in a place exposed to the sun.



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