10 Inspiring Cool Bedroom Ceiling For Teens

Teen bedroom designs are different from bedrooms in general. Teenagers usually prefer to show unique characteristics to their personal space, even the ceiling also doesn’t go unnoticed. Not only choosing furniture and wall paint, a unique bedroom ceiling can also change the appearance of the bedroom instantly.

Whatever activity in the room, the ceiling is always the thing you see most often. This is because the presence of the ceiling is quite dominant in the room, as important as the floor or wall. For a teen’s bedroom, the use of the ceiling certainly should not look ordinary.

Create a cozy bedroom according to your style and personality by decorating every part of the room. Here are some cool bedroom ceiling ideas for you to try yourself at home!

1. Want your bedroom to look cool? Give black paint on the bedroom ceiling.


2. This ceiling design is very unique because it blends with the floor and walls of the bedroom. Pallet shape with a soothing wood look.


3. Still with natural accents, but this time the wooden walls and ceilings are given a gray color that feels elegant.


4. This ceiling design looks modern as well as industrial style. Perfect for a teenage boy’s bedroom with its eye-catching LED strip lights.


5. The concept of color blocking can also be applied to the ceiling of a teenager’s room. Combining black and white colors that contrast but look modern.


6. Not only is the bedroom theme attractive, even the ceiling design has an unusual shape. Perfect for cave men or superhero fans.


7. Tired of plain and ordinary ceilings? Try adding stripes that will change the whole look of your bedroom.


8. Rainbow ceilings really make a room look sophisticated and futuristic. The ceiling design is equipped with LED lights that can be used as needed.


9. Want a cozy bedroom feel? Add string lights to the ceiling as part of the décor.


10. This ceiling idea is very popular among teenagers. Featuring a cloud shape with awesome LED lighting.



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