10 Unusual Corner Shelf Ideas That Most Functionality

Shelf in the house have an important role to store items so that the house looks neat and organized. These shelf also have various models and types that can be adapted to the storage needs that we need. Among the many shelving designs, one of the types of shelves that we often see is wall corner shelf. In addition to making empty walls look more beautiful, the use of corner shelves on this wall is also considered to save more space.

No matter how small the room you have, choosing the right corner shelf design will go a long way in organizing and beautifying your interior. What needs to be considered is choosing the design and shape of the corner shelf that best fits the existing room concept.

This corner shelf is often used to store small items, such as books, photo frames, decorative displays, lamps, and much more. That is why, wall corner shelves usually have a size that is not too large which is suitable for small rooms. Here we’ve rounded up 10 most functional corner shelf ideas to help you organize your space.

1. The living room looks more aesthetic with wall shelves that take advantage of the corner of the room.


2. This wall shelf has a unique shape by combining several wooden blocks as a storage area.


3. Wall corner shelves can also look very modern by choosing the right shelf material, such as this combination of metal and wood.


4. Want to bring a natural vibe into the room? Try placing a wall corner shelf with a tree shape.


5. The simple and minimalist design of this box wall shelf is very practical for placing plants.


6. For a more stylish shelf design, you can choose a standing rack model in the corner of the room.


7. Corner shelf design of this room can also be used as a key ring or other equipment for traveling.


8. This floating corner shelf is quite easy and you can make your own at home. It is very practical to fill in the small corner behind the door.


9. The kitchen area is the busiest place that always needs extra storage space. You can take advantage of the kitchen corner by making a wall corner shelf with a floating model.


10. This wall corner shelf is different from the usual shelf design. If most corner shelves are indoors, then this design is outside.



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