12 Beautiful Tire Planter Ideas Take Advantage Used Goods

If you are someone who loves the environment and wants to reuse used goods, then you may be interested in making some DIY projects with used tires. Maybe you’ve been looking at some old tires lying around and wondering what to do with them? You can now turn them into creative planters to help decorate your garden. This is one of those fun and cost-effective crafts that you can complete on your own or with the kids at home. It will beautify the garden and increase your creativity to spend more time outside with the family.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a small or large garden, there will always be ways to make the most of your old tires in your space. With just a little paint, you can create a landscape that is both pleasing to the eye and a great home for plants. For an industrial look, you can leave the tires in their original condition. You can combine different colors to get the garden landscape that suits you or choose a contrasting color. So, get your garden recycled and find inspiration from the tire planter ideas below!

1. Wrap old tires using rope as a trendy plant stand for your garden.


2. This tire planter set consists of a stand and a hanging plant with an attractive industrial look.


3. Beautify potted plants at home by lining them with old tires. To make it look harmonious, use a matching paint color.


4. Not only as a garden decoration, used tires with colorful paint can also beautify the appearance of your front door.


5. For a garden with a limited area, you can choose a vertical tire garden idea to accommodate more plants.


6. This idea is very simple, just use stacked old tires. However, you can make it look aesthetic by adding different types of plants on each tire.


7. Sticking colorful tires with planters on the wall is a classic idea that always manages to beautify the look of any garden.


8. Make used tires part of the garden landscape. Arrange it in such a way in your backyard or garden, decorate it with paint, and plant various types of your favorite flowers.


9. Love the classic garden style? Hang old tires using chains as planters. Add supporting accessories such as a chandelier or some rustic nuanced ornaments.


10. Stack three tires into a planting area that resembles a spring. This décor will give a lovely farmhouse style.


11. If you’re making a tire planter project with kids, don’t forget to put some cute stuff in it. The shape of the used tire resembles an animal that kids will love.



12. Create a modern garden landscape by creating paths using tire planters. This idea will become a favorite place for children to play.



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