15 Functional Loft Bed Ideas That Every Girl Lovely

There is happiness in itself when we talk about loft beds. Some memories may take you back in time, while others remind you to actually get into bed every night and settle into your own private bedroom. When you start growing up, it turns out that the design of the loft bed can still be used and is still popular today. And if you happen to be a teenage girl or you like feminine things, then the option of a loft bed is worth considering.

Loft bed ideas are not only ideal for girls. This is a bed style that can be combined with your various needs and requirements. Do you want to combine a loft bed due to space constraints or do you want to have an unusual bed design? You’ll see more inspiration for how a loft bed can work for you!

1. The built-in loft bed will not take up much space. Place it near a window to create a brighter room.


2. Bohemian style is very popular with girls. Combine it with a loft bed design and turn the area under the bed into a cozy lounge area.


3. Want to add privacy to a loft bed? installing curtains under the bed is the most effective way.


4. A hammock can be the most comfortable place under a loft bed.


5. Bring an aesthetic impression to your loft bed. From the rattan furniture to the macrame hanging ornaments that give off a lovely boho chic vibe.


6. Take advantage of the area under the bed as a home office that supports your work.


7. Need an extra bed? one bed under the bed is still possible to do.


8. This is your favorite nook to read your collection of books. And when you get tired, you just need to get into bed to rest.


9. Boho-style loft beds are the choice of many teen girls for their bedrooms. Add indoor plants to make the room feel fresh.


10. You don’t need high ceilings to make the loft bed of your dreams. Install a mezzanine floor as a solution for a narrow room.


11. Sometimes the wardrobe is not enough to accommodate a fashion collection. Take advantage of the area under the loft bed and create an easily accessible walk-in closet.


12. This is every girl’s dream entertainment zone. To make the atmosphere of your room more comfortable, decorate the loft bed with LED lighting.


13. Have a lot of collectibles at home? Create a shelf under the loft bed as an area to display your collection.


14. Loft does not only have to accommodate your mattress. Add bookshelves and nightstands to complete your bedroom.


15. A girl’s bedroom without a dressing room doesn’t seem complete. From dressers to standing mirrors, these ideas will be incredibly inspiring.



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