15 Multifunctional Nightstand Ideas For Every Room

Maybe you’ve often heard about the nightstand? This furniture is usually in the form of a table or small cupboard which is often placed next to the bed or living room sofa. Despite its small size, the nightstand turns out to have many functions, including for placing various types of items and other equipment that you often need.

The nightstand itself has an important role as a complement to the bedroom or living room design. That is why, you are not careless in choosing a nightstand design to match the existing functions and design concepts. In addition, the nightstand will make it easier for you to carry out activities at home, such as reading a book or finding items that you use frequently. Today I want to give you 15 inspiration for nightstands that are not only beautiful, but also multifunctional and space-saving. Please scroll down and find your favorite!

1. This minimalist-style nightstand is suitable for use in a feminine-style bedroom. This is a beautifully hacked IKEA nightstand.


2. A nightstand with a simple design still looks elegant using wood accents and iron table legs.


3. A nightstand that features natural wood elements will enhance the appearance of your bedroom.


4. Bar stools can also be transformed into a nightstand that is trendy and stylish. You can add storage shelves under the bench.


5. Bring Nordic style to the bedroom with the right nightstand. You will get the appearance of a comfortable and classy bedroom.


6. This nightstand design is very simple but makes the room look beautiful. Just hang a small box on the bedroom wall as a nightstand.


7. A bar cart is a functional item, including using it as a nightstand.


8. If your bedroom is large, you can choose a nightstand design with lots of storage drawers.


9. Make your own nightstand by recycling old stairs to turn into a stylish nightstand.


10. In addition to stairs, you can also use pallets or wooden crates that are stacked into a nightstand.


11. This nightstand design is very unique and totally different. Inspired by a swing but converted into a nightstand.


12. A modern and sturdy design can be seen from this nightstand made of wood. In addition, the color and pattern match the bed which makes it even more beautiful.


13. A farmhouse-style bedroom always manages to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. You can choose a nightstand that fits this style, or place a basket for additional storage.


14. A nightstand with X-shaped legs will give your bedroom a futuristic look.


15. A rustic-style nightstand design can be an option for the main bedroom. Pair it with an iron bed and shabby chic curtains.



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