20 Adorable Unicorn Bedroom Themes For Little One


Unicorns have won the hearts of many girls around the world. In addition to its adorable shape, the unicorn is also a symbol of dreams and a magical world that has no limits. If you’ve seen unicorns everywhere, it’s probably because this horse character has been trending since 2017 and getting stronger.

Unicorns create magical and whimsical spaces that are perfect for little ones to enjoy. Described as a horse with long pointed horns on its head, and has a long mane. This animal is usually only told in fairy tales as a mythological creature. To support his dream, you can bring a bedroom design with a unicorn theme. Of course, making a unicorn bedroom is not as difficult as you might think.

The unicorn bedroom theme is indeed synonymous with girls. This is a bedroom style that is thick with a feminine feel. From pastel color palettes, magical furniture, to décor that sparks your little one’s imagination, here are some unicorn bedroom inspirations to help you make your little one’s fairy tales come true!


Unicorn bedroom color palette

Like most girls’ bedrooms, the unicorn bedroom also features a choice of bright colors and beautiful pastel colors. This splash of color is really soothing, inviting, and adds the touch of unicorn flair you’ve been looking for. Pastel colors are very popular with children, and the great thing about this color is that it creates the impression of a wider room, even for a small room. With a little effort, you can create a unicorn bedroom with pastel colors, besides that pastel colors are also easy to combine with other colors.


Unicorn bedroom wall

There are many ways to create a unicorn bedroom theme. The easiest way is to decorate the walls with unicorn-themed ornaments. You can add line details, wallpaper, wall stickers, or even a painting of a unicorn. Another idea, take advantage of decorative displays that attract attention. For example, there are wall displays in the shape of a unicorn head, wall galleries, or even making unicorn bed headboards.


Unicorn bedroom decoration and furniture

Of course, you can’t ignore furniture that can make a statement. This is the most fun part where you get to choose furniture that is unique and easy to apply to the kids room. Use a unicorn themed table or chair, a cute colored children’s wardrobe, a unicorn bed, and much more.

Adding patterns and textures creates a space with another dimension. Like a unicorn bedroom that will take your little one’s imagination on a fun adventure. Choose your unicorn bedroom decor, accessories and art that will add a finishing touch to the room. Check out more of our favorite unicorn bedroom ideas below!


















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