20 Best Shelf Styling Ideas That Room Make Beautiful


Shelf might be the first thing to start decorating your house. The smaller the interior size, the more creative ways to ensure comfort, neatness and beauty of the room. One of the decor elements that is almost always present in every home is a shelf, and arranging the shelves and their displays will give the interior a non-monotonous appearance.

Shelf styling is not only limited to walls, even shelves have a function as cabinet storage and various purposes such as bookcases, living room cabinets, open kitchen cabinets, and much more. However, among the many choices of shelves, maybe the wall shelf design is the popular one. Moreover, there are many furniture models that can blend with the interior and are really space-saving.

Starting from simple shelf to put your collectibles, favorite bookshelves, family photo displays to antiques, all can be placed on the shelves. So, don’t let your shelf rows be empty and dusty. Check out some inspiration to make it look even more interesting below!


Starting from organizing your collection of books

Books and magazines are things we are used to when looking at any style of shelf. According to its function, the shelf is often used as a place to organize books so you can start from here. There are many decorative ways to display books on a shelf, such as stacking them or having them stand in a row. To make it look attractive, add unique small and large ornaments between the arrangement of the bookshelf. Can be an attraction that brings bookshelf to life.


Position the size of the object in the right place

Before you put a variety of objects on the shelf, you should pay attention to the position of the size of the object and don’t just use one size. Combine different sizes to give a more flowing look. Place items that are large, medium, and small in one group. Your shelf arrangement ideas will look more prominent.


Use the same type and color for the shelf display

For those of you who like a minimalist style, try choosing one of the same types and colors of items to put on the shelf. Choosing the same color on the shelves will make it easier to display the harmony of the decor. In order not to feel monotonous, try using various variations of shapes in the same color.


Decorate the built-in wall shelf

The built-in wall shelf design is one way to get around space limitations. In addition to not taking up much space, you can also make beautiful decorations with the right shelf settings. Suitable for displaying items with artistic, antique, to personal nuances.


Shelf decoration using plants

Plants not only serve to refresh the room, but also give an aesthetic interior appearance. You can make plants feel more alive by placing them on shelves. When using open shelving, plants can make monotonous objects on the shelf more pleasing to the eye. If the room in your house is too narrow, consider adding plants on the shelves to make the atmosphere feel more spacious. Here’s some inspiration for you to try at home!
















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