20 Cool Balcony Design With Black Accents


Masculine style is one of the most loved decorations especially by men, it’s about lifestyle, personality and comfortable dark shades. If you are looking for ideas to present your identity as a man, then you can start from the smallest area outside the room, such as the balcony.

Some bachelors prefer to live in apartments, they also like minimalist decor without a lot of color. Not only in the interior, you can even change the balcony with the black accents that you like. Real men like neutral colors, even tend to be dark so this decoration becomes a reflection of their free and independent lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter what size balcony you have because there are many cool things you can do on an apartment balcony. We’ve rounded up some cool balcony designs with black accents to inspire you. Please scroll down and find your favorite balcony!


What color to use for the men’s balcony?

Masculine style is all about simplicity, here you can apply the classic black, white, gray color scheme. Although you can add a neutral tone like green or brown, or you can mix it up with a bold color if you want. Black accent walls, black floors and black balcony railings are welcome to showcase true masculine style.





What furniture to use for men’s balcony?

There are no rules on how you should choose furniture. However, it is recommended to use classic IKEA furniture because this is the core of a masculine style that puts a minimalist touch. You can also rock some simple stained folding furniture and wood furniture with a natural vibe. Choose upholstery in your color scheme, add some industrial prints if you wish and play with texture, not only in textiles but in furniture as well.








What decoration will best suit a men balcony?

Decoration will add to your comfort while on the balcony. It’s a small area where you can relax after a hard day’s work or on a weekend off. Even though your balcony is tiny, decoration will mean a lot when you want to relax or just enjoy the atmosphere on the balcony. Go for dim lighting like lanterns or string lights, greenery and potted plants, some vintage decor you like or something modern depending on the style you want.









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