20 Cool Halloween Bathroom Design With Gothic Style


Gothic interior style is always synonymous with dark and gloomy shades. That is why this style is not suitable for everyone. However, if you like strange and unusual things then the gothic style is an interesting option to try. Especially now that Halloween is only a few weeks away, and I’m sure you’ve decorated most of the houses with spooky decorations.

Today we will focus on the bathroom, this room may not be your priority for Halloween but it never hurts to surprise everyone with a charming gothic style. Gothic bathrooms are a style that’s all about dark romance, subtle vintage, haunted, chic details and a Halloween-inspired look. If you’re a fan of Victorian, dark, vampire, witch, and classic aesthetics, you might want one of these bathroom designs.

Curious as to what? Here are some great ideas and tips if you find all things gothic looking beautiful and decadent!


Gothic bathroom color schemes

Gothic interiors are always open to black as the main color for this style, dark gray, dark purple, brown, or even silver shades that make the room look luxurious. Some bathroom accessories and schemes look stunning with vintage wallpaper walls, crystal chandeliers, shiny and matte metals such as silver, gold, brass, and copper that give a subtle feel to the bathroom style. Gothic bathrooms look perfect for Halloween.


Just the right mix of gothic style

Gothic style is indeed the main choice for a Halloween bathroom. However, you can still combine it with other styles without reducing the dark impression. Add a more modern or vintage feel to a room with the right appliances, furniture, and fixtures. Gothic bathroom with a modern style looks more moody and edgy, while the vintage blend feels more beautiful and decadent.


Gothic bathroom decoration

There are many ways to turn a bathroom into a gothic feel. First, focus on the wall area, you can add vintage wallpaper, glossy or matte panels or tiles, another way use dark wood floors that seem chic. Decorate the ceiling to the upper wall with a crystal chandelier that feels luxurious and unusual in the bathroom. Choose toiletries and accessories according to your style, it can be modern or vintage. A gallery wall is a great addition to a gothic style, hanging classic paintings, old picture frames, or spooky decorative displays.

For a small room, place a large vintage-style mirror, plant pots that refresh the room, or decorations that give the impression of horror. Use dark walls or exposed brick walls which are more aesthetically pleasing, that’s important for a gothic space because such a room is all about decoration and details. Enjoy!


















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