20 Creative DIY Ghost Halloween Decor For Indoors


It’s hard to believe that we have entered the month of October which means we will be preparing for the scariest holiday of the year. Maybe many of us have our own plans to decorate a house with a Halloween theme, but don’t forget to bring ghosts that are an inseparable part of Halloween. These are great ideas because they are really easy and only take a few minutes to prepare, and in this post I want to inspire you to bring them indoors.

Ghost Halloween are not only scary but also adorable to create the right Halloween party atmosphere. With a little creativity, you can create a DIY ghost Halloween project out of things you have around the house. Starting from tablecloth ghosts, hanging ghost decorations to ghosts that are part of the room decoration.

I want to share some DIY ghost Halloween inspiration that you can apply anywhere, and most of them are cost effective, with just a few simple ingredients, no skill required. Let’s check!


DIY Ghost Halloween

This year’s Halloween I want to do it with the kids, and I love how DIY Halloween ghosts are so easy to make, even for kids. There are lots of fun DIY ghost Halloween ideas to spice up our Halloween party. Trust me, you can turn any white accessories into a ghost by simply adding two eyeballs.

The easiest ways to use white sheets and then place or hang them on the walls of the house, cover chairs with ghosts, make ghost Halloween crafts from mason jars, or make ghost-themed banners, all ideas are really great. To surprise your guests, create spooky ghosts around you or add lighting to enhance the spooky atmosphere. Another idea, Halloween dinner party will be more memorable with a ghost menu that attracts attention.









Indoor Ghost Halloween

Decorate your room with some spooky and funny ghosts to make the party even more festive. They can be made of cheesecloth or white sheet, make a ghost frame out of some wire or a coat hanger to create the ghost shape you want, and then attach the eyes using black cloth. You can make ghosts to enhance the Halloween atmosphere by placing them on the fireplace or coffee table. Another idea that is not less popular is a ghost doll, this Halloween idea is widely sold in accessories stores.

Beautify your room with LED Halloween ghost lighting or ghost lanterns. A ghost setting can also beautify your fireplace, table, wall, or food station. Match ghosts with skulls, skeletons, witches, carved pumpkins, and other Halloween-inspired decorations.












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