20 Easy DIY Snack Station Ideas That Kids Will Love


Kids always love to bring snacks to their room. Somehow it always invites ants wherever the little one puts it. As a parent, I really want to give the best for my children. But sometimes I also don’t want to see the house look messy, either because of packing snacks or leftovers on the bed. That’s why I’m looking for solutions to simplify life with kids. Snack stations can save you so much time that you might wonder why you lived without them for so long.

A food station may not be a golden rule that every family should have, but I wanted to share to give you some ideas on how to create a central space where your family can grab a snack in the morning, afternoon, or after school. Perhaps as your children get older, they need less snacks. However, the older they get, the more food they eat. So, it is our duty to plan meals, and choose really nutritious food ingredients that are needed at their age. Here are some food station inspiration and tips for you to try at home!


Easily accessible snack station location

Children often do everything in a hurry, even they often forget their school supplies. To ensure that snacks are attractive to children and provide good nutritional needs, location is an important thing that must be considered. Make sure the kids can easily find whatever they need, these should be easy to pick up and areas like the kitchen and dining area are probably the best idea


Create an organized snack station

A messy food station will certainly not appeal to children. Moreover, it is difficult to reach and not in the right place. I like to use a special cupboard or shelf for snacks, and maybe some DIY snack storage projects that don’t take up a lot of space. Some snack stations can also be organized like caramel dispensers, or special jar containers for some snacks and fruit.


A fun snack station for everyone

I’m one of those people who like the house really looks neat. So, I don’t want any mess that can be an eyesore. I love how neat the snack stations are in this collection, and how fun it is for everyone. There are so many easy and space-saving snack station ideas you can even hide in a drawer is a great way to make small spaces. This snack station might be a solution for those of you who have children at home. Check out more snack station ideas below!


















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