20 Inspiring Purple Bedroom That Bring Luxurious


Adding color to the bedroom is the easiest way to show your personality, and today I wanted to bring purple to make a room feel more luxurious. So far, people think purple is one of the dark colors that is considered gloomy, but did you know that there are many types of purple that are bright and elegant? In addition, you can also adjust the purple bedroom with shades that are more to your liking.

The easiest way is to choose the right purple furniture and gradations. Do you like the bright look with mauve? Or want a luxurious bedroom look with dark purple? Various purple color combinations are actually quite easy for you to apply at home. Instead of you being curious, here I have gathered some inspiration and tips for a purple room that you can imitate. Let’s see!

Bright and minimalistic light purple

Several types of purple turned out to be suitable for a minimalist style. Such as light purple that you can combine with neutral color accents such as white or gray. Light purple also brings a feminine feel to the room. To display this style, you just need to let the walls are not too much decoration. Choose furniture that is functional and space-saving to make the room look more spacious.


Cheerful purple shades

Very rarely do people choose purple in a child’s bedroom. The reason is that purple tends to be used identically for adult rooms. Even though you can still create a cheerful feel in a child’s room with a bright purple color choice. Combine purple with bright contrasting colors, such as yellow, pink, or orange.


Purple color that looks vintage

Love the vintage bedroom style? You can paint the walls an attractive purple color and then combine them with vintage furniture. For this style, you are free to choose any purple color like light purple, light purple, to purple gradations. Some accessories such as bed linen and antique style curtains will complete it.


Elegant and luxurious dark purple

Like black, dark purple is a color that seems dark and mysterious. However, this color is able to display a luxurious and elegant impression. You can paint the walls dark purple, or choose a bedding set in the same color. Some vintage furniture, chandeliers, and wall galleries are great additions to this style.

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