20 Minimalist Water Fountain Walls For Your Interior


When you come to a shopping center or hotel lobby, you may often see a water feature with a waterfall or fountain design. This fountain concept gives a cool and beautiful impression in the room. Then, can we create a fountain wall in the house? Actually, indoor fountain really feels realistic, especially if it is placed in the living room or corridor of the house. A waterfall or wall fountain design actually brings a positive and cozy element into any style of space.

In this post, I want to share ideas for fountains and waterfalls that will enhance your interior style. They offer the serenity of the peaceful sound of water drops, along with soft mood lighting and the beauty of flowing water. From waterfall walls as a dramatic backdrop to room dividers.

Waterfalls are usually made with sophisticated systems, they offer several different sizes of fountains with clear transparent or decorative glass panels. Here’s the inspiration for an indoor waterfall that is suitable for a minimalist interior style!


Indoor water fountain wall

For a minimalist home or want to add an elegant impression, you can try the idea of ??a wall fountain in the room. Usually located on one wall in the living room, dining room, or kitchen to give a relaxed feel to lead anyone into a calming atmosphere. This installation is quite easy with the addition of LED lights or attractive spotlights, besides that you can adjust the size according to your needs. For a smaller version, the fountain has a size that is only suitable for certain rooms. Equipped with an aluminum or stainless steel frame that can be installed as a fountain solution at home, and a small river stone is displayed at the bottom.









Bringing a calming natural atmosphere

The sound of water dripping in the room gives a comfortable feeling to be enjoyed together. This water feature is also attractive, so it is not uncommon to place it at the front like the living room. The atmosphere becomes more relaxed and makes the room feel cooler. Indoor fountains or waterfalls bring a natural atmosphere into the room. Install a wall waterfall as the center of attention in the middle of the room.

Presenting a wall waterfall is very effective for modern, minimalist to classic style dwellings. This is because the refreshing effect of water can be realized inside the house far from outdoor access. The installation of a wall waterfall can also be directly adjacent to the front door to welcome every guest with a fresh feel.












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