20 Safe And Cozy DIY Balcony Ideas For Cats


Cats are one of the most popular pets in the world, and their popularity can even be compared to dogs. For pet lovers, cats can be friends and part of the family. That is why, many cat lovers decorate their homes so that they can coexist with pets. Like most animals, cats prefer to be outdoors. Although most of their lives are spent sleeping, cats will occasionally leave the house just to play or just take a nap.

This cat habit may not be a problem if you live in a residence equipped with an outdoor area such as a garden or backyard, but what if you live in an apartment or dwelling with a limited area? If you love pets more than anything, of course there is always a way to get around it like making use of every nook and cranny you have.

The balcony is not very wide, but with the right arrangements, you can turn this area into a cat friendly area. But before you decide to make a cat-friendly balcony, you need to know some of the best ways and tips to do it. Here we’ve rounded up 20 safe and cozy cat balcony ideas for inspiration!


High-rise syndrome

The term high-rise syndrome is often given to cats who fall from windows or high balconies. Even though cats have good reflexes, if the distance is not enough to direct their feet to the ground, the cat can also get injured. Cats will usually unknowingly cross the ledge of the balcony while chasing birds or following the clouds. If you allow cats to roam on the balcony, make sure you pay attention to their safety to prevent any accident or unwanted injury.


Making cages with wire

Although it sounds like confinement but this is not a cage but a catio. It’s a cat patio that allows pets to see and sniff outside from inside a secure enclosed area. Catio is great for those of you who live in urban areas without a backyard but want to have a place for your cat that has fresh air and is safe from exposure to the outside world.


Create a cozy cat house

Making a cat house or a large cat cage will make your beloved cat happy. It’s like being their favorite place to take a nap or chill out on the balcony. In addition, the cat house will be a safe zone where you don’t have to worry if the cat jumps from the balcony. They would rather be in their home than hanging around the edge of the balcony.


Give an accent to all the facilities on the balcony

In order for the cat to feel comfortable on the balcony, make sure the cat can access the facilities needed while on the balcony. The cat should be able to reach the water bowl and litter box. In addition, try to provide a shady and comfortable place for the cat to laze around when the weather gets colder. In addition to their public facilities, cat owners can also create a cat playground on the balcony. A cat tree, bridge, or hammock are the best ideas.


Make sure all the plants on the balcony are cat safe

Adding plants on the balcony will not only make your cat feel happy but also beautify your balcony. But keep in mind, make sure all the plants on the balcony are safe for cats. You don’t want your cat to ingest plants that are dangerous to their health. If you like a balcony decorated with plants, try installing hanging plants, plant pots or window boxes that can be mounted on the sides of the balcony. This way, you can have greenery on the balcony while making sure the plants are out of reach for the cat.

Here’s more cat-friendly balcony inspiration for you!















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