20 Small And Cozy Balcony Ideas For Rainy Days


I’ve always loved the smell of falling rain, the time when the trees and plants look greener from the dripping. For me, it’s the best time to relax or just curl up with a good book. Don’t know in your area, but here it rains almost non-stop every day. So, I just thought to stay at home and find a cozy place to relax.

There’s nothing more comfortable than relaxing on the balcony after a rainy day. And if your balcony is open then it is the best moment that you might not find in any room in your house. I planted some ornamental plants on the balcony, adding a bit of natural touch there is really practical and fun because you don’t have to water it every time.

Rainy days might be a pain for some people but for me it is a blessing in that I have plenty of time to enjoy it. If you happen to be a busy person, even just having time for yourself on the weekends, this balcony idea will cool you down. Please scroll down and find inspiration!


Balcony decoration for rainy days

Almost all of these balcony ideas are designed for small spaces so they are suitable for those of you who live in apartments or tiny dwellings that have balconies. Because of its small size, you can easily decorate your balcony for rainy days. The best idea is to put more green plants there, it can be on the balcony railing, walls, or just put plant pots on the floor. I think the rain will slightly reduce your burden when gardening!

Place furniture that can withstand all weather conditions. Some types of wood furniture are quite resistant to extreme climates, or you can coat them with outdoor paint. Another idea, choose furniture made of iron or metal that won’t be porous even if the weather is not friendly. The best thing about this balcony idea is when the rain is over because you can enjoy the view as well as the atmosphere of the wet environment after a rainy day. Grab a blanket, some candles, pillows, and your sweater and enjoy them with a cup of hot tea!









Maximize your small balcony

Small balcony is not an obstacle to make you feel comfortable. You can adjust every inch of the balcony so that it works optimally which supports your comfort both indoors and outdoors. Furniture is the key to getting your dream balcony. Apart from several other elements, you should not forget such as blankets and pillows that will protect you from extreme weather. Add lighting ideas where possible: string lights, pendant lights, candles or lanterns will warm the balcony on a rainy day. Find more of your favorite balcony ideas here!











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