22 Industrial Garden Design With Masculine Touches


Relaxing in the garden is the most effective way to calm the mind, and if you happen to be a man who is always busy then industrial parks can make you pause from all activities. This is a garden style that every man loves. With a masculine look, industrial touch, and various cool nuances that make your garden look different from usual. This industrial park design is quite popular, especially in urban areas with limited land. Generally, this one garden design raises the nuances of a more exploratory on the building structure so as to create the impression that it is not fully finished or like an abandoned garden.

However, it is this style that makes industrial parks feel more comfortable and minimalist. Industrial garden design is considered to have a unique and aesthetic style. In addition, men prefer simple things that can make them feel relaxed without having many decorative elements. Industrial parks may look simple, but in fact this garden style has a very unique detail display.

From exposed brick walls, recycled furniture, to lighting ideas, here are some of the elements you must have to create an industrial garden design!


Plants with An Industrial Feel

Plants are the first thing you should have for any garden style, and industrial gardens are no exception. No matter how large your garden is, there is always a place to put some plants. Pots may be the easiest way to get industrial garden style, think metal, steel, zinc, used oil barrels, or water tanks. Lush greenery and beautiful plants will look really good with your industrial potting choices. For large gardens, you can cover large trees using cast concrete or create an eye-catching container garden. This container garden idea is really practical and won’t take up much space in your garden.


Vertical Garden for Limited Space

Industrial parks are very suitable to be applied to limited land, especially in urban areas. This is what makes this garden style so popular. To get around space, you can build a vertical garden on the wall or fence. Industrial materials are really suitable for this type of gardening. It’s easy to line a fence or wall with rusty bars so your plants can propagate well. Some hanging pots or garden trellises are also a good idea for an industrial garden style.


Industrial Style Outdoor Area

When bringing furniture for an outdoor space, an industrial look will make any atmosphere feel more relaxed. Vintage pieces from recycled materials, dazzling DIY projects, and finishes with natural elements will make them more beautiful as time goes on. Large dining tables for family gatherings can be made from reclaimed scaffolding boards with metal legs. The outdoor lounge can be filled with antique cast iron bistro tables and chairs and if it starts to rust, that’s even better. Even a simple bench made of concrete blocks and wooden planks will look beautiful surrounded by lush plants and provide the perfect place to enjoy the day.


Inviting Lighting

Finally, we have lighting ideas that should be on your list. Choosing good lighting is very important if you want to create an industrial garden design to enjoy your outdoor space on a warm night. This can be in the form of spotlights or garden lights that maximize the features of your planting and garden, a series of lights on a tree or on a garden path, you can even liven up a romantic impression by placing string lights as part of garden decorations.

Find more of your favorite industrial garden ideas below!



















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