23 Awesome Kids Playroom Ideas With Use Of Colors

Determining the decoration of a kids playroom can indeed not be as easy as we imagine. The playroom is usually a separate area or one with the child’s room so you need to consider the gender, character, and even the personality of your little one. This whole playroom works best in bright, cheery colors, though there should be some soothing neutrals.

Kids often spend their time playing, besides learning new things that train their creativity and motor sensors. A playroom should include a lot of things, and color helps little ones stay focused on whatever activities they enjoy. The use of color does play an important role in supporting their growth and development, the playroom must be able to create a livelier atmosphere which is very important for children. Here are some playroom ideas and color tips for you to try at home!


Choosing the best color for kids playroom

When decorating a kids playroom, don’t focus too much on stereotypes, for example, a girl’s playroom should be pink or blue, only good for a boy’s room. Adding lots of splashes of color sometimes makes the look too full, adding too many trends is not a practical solution, especially now that kids are smart in choosing the colors they like. The choice of color for a child’s playroom should be friendly and comfortable, so discussing it with your little one will give you an informed decision in the long term. One-year-olds are more likely to choose bright colors, and their favorites are red, yellow or orange. These colors will be popular until they are seven years old. For ages that are starting to get bigger, you can present more neutral color choices such as white, blue, or gray. Adding a theme to the playroom is welcome, add wallpaper or a mural to suit your kid character.










Color is very influential on the development of kids

According to research, color can improve the mood and behavior of children. For example, if your child is too passive then fix it by choosing bright colors such as yellow, orange and red. However, you also shouldn’t make their playroom too bright and bold, it will actually make kids get bored quickly and can generate anticipation. For hyperactive kids, try choosing softer, more neutral colors! decorate the playroom in natural shades of green or soothing blues. Before determining what color best suits your child’s character, first find out whether the children’s wishes are in accordance with what they want.













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