23 Fun And Secret Playroom Ideas In Under The Stairs


Playrooms are a great way to give kids the freedom to express themselves while keeping toys and clutter out of the main room of the house. Decorating a playroom is a lot of fun, but space constraints are often an unavoidable problem when you have trouble finding the right room. For parents, this presents a challenge because the playroom is an opportunity to make their little ones happy by creating a fun and cozy space to develop their active imaginations.

Even if you really don’t have extra room in your house but you still have stairs, then your problem is totally solved! So far, we think that the space under the stairs is too narrow, so we often ignore it. Yet if used properly, the space below can be a special and secret playroom that children will love.

The area may be small but that makes it easier and cheaper to decorate. The empty space under the stairs can easily be turned into a playroom, study or reading corner that is cozy for kids. Here are some playroom ideas under the stairs for inspiration!


Why should you create a dedicated playroom?

You may have thought why do children need a separate room to play? Surely the bedroom is more than enough. But you need to know, when your home becomes that much more important, children need a quiet space to themselves where they can sleep, relax, read, chat with friends or even do their school work. So, now you know why a playroom is very important to support children’s growth and development and imagination. Instead of adding extra space in your home, you can create a playroom under the stairs that is easier and cheaper.









Create a playroom under the stairs

For most of us, the empty area under the stairs is just a place for storage or hiding of vacuum cleaners, cleaning products, a few pairs of shoes or other not-so-useful stuff. But have you ever considered that it could also be a fun playroom? Slightly inspired by the room under the stairs Harry Potter had when he was a kid, this room is much brighter, warmer and full of whimsy that kids will love. The playroom under the stairs is far from being gloomy and isolated, instead you can easily supervise your little one while cooking in the kitchen or entertaining guests in the living room.

Turning that secluded spot under the stairs into a playroom is truly a challenge. You have to be smart about choosing the right furniture and colors to set the tone of the room and provide the perfect backdrop for a small space. The right playroom decoration can trigger a child’s creativity and healthy development.














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