25 Cool And Fun Music Room Decor Ideas


For those of you who like hobbies or like to play music, you definitely have the desire to have a music room or private music studio at home. If you are lucky enough, provide a special room where you can place various musical instruments according to your wishes. However, for those of you who have limited space, combining the music room with other rooms in the house can be an alternative.

To create a dream music room, you only need a room that can accommodate musical instruments, be it guitar, piano, or even drums, which are your favorite musical instruments. Certain rooms such as the living room will also look more aesthetic with a guitar wall gallery or a guitar stand. If you’re creative enough, add a frame or hang it in a stylish way as part of the wall décor.

Other rooms, such as bedrooms, are also a great area where you can freely express your musical hobby without any distractions. Likewise, other musical instruments such as piano, violin, and drums can be decorative elements that make the interior more cool and fun. Here are some inspirations and tips on how to create your own music room at home. Let’s check!


Show your music collection

Displaying a variety of music collections in the room is the easiest way to get to your favorite music room. You can store guitars and other musical instruments together with other rooms at home such as the living room, family room, or bedroom. For certain musical instruments such as guitars, you can stick them on the wall or use frames for an aesthetic look, while for pianos, let them be the center of the room.


Install carpets and cozy furniture

Like any other room in the house, the music room must also be made as comfortable as possible so that you feel more comfortable when playing. To make it look modern, apply industrial style with dark wall paint and warm wood furniture. Don’t forget to provide floor mats such as carpets or rugs so that your playing time feels more comfortable.


Create a music studio at home

If you have enough space at home, apply the concept of a music studio in a certain room. Ideally the music room is in the attic or basement so that sound can be muffled to a minimum. You can design the room like a music studio in general, which is a comfortable place to play music and hang out with friends.


Open music room design

If by chance the family at home both like music, there’s nothing wrong with creating an open music room design that is connected to the rest of the room. In addition to being an attraction in the house, the open house design also makes it easier for every family member to play any musical instrument when they are at home.

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