5 Favorite Colors To Brighten Up Your Apartment For Summer


Summer is the perfect time to bring more fun into your apartment. Although we love neutral tones, we don’t want to spend this summer with a mediocre color choice. Everyone loves being outside in summer, and bringing a holiday vibe to the apartment can be done by choosing bright paint colors for the interior.

Bringing bright colors into the interior is perfect for the summer style. The reason is, bright colors symbolize happiness, passion, and good luck for its inhabitants. Apartment paint color is one of the important considerations to get the design you want. Choosing the right color not only makes your apartment feel comfortable, but also pleasing to the eye. In addition, the paint color of the apartment must also be considered to match your style and personality.

Here are some of our favorite summer colors that will freshen up your apartment. Let’s check!

1. Adorable with pink

Pink is a line of feminine colors that many women like. So, if you want a soft look, there’s no harm in choosing the color pink. However, not just any color can be combined with pink. Although this color is neutral in tone, pink is a monotonous color if it is not combined with other colors. The best advice is to choose a combination of pink with other neutral colors such as white, blue, or gray. With the right color selection, the apartment will look really adorable.



2. Bright with yellow

There’s nothing better than yellow for summer decoration. The yellow color creates a bright, calm and cheerful apartment atmosphere for its residents. Not only that, for some people yellow is considered to be able to increase concentration in studying and working. If you happen to live in an apartment with a narrow size, then decorating it in yellow will make the room feel more spacious.



3. Calm with blue

If you are one of those people who don’t like complicated things, especially when decorating the interior, then blue can be the best choice. The blue color can provide peace for its residents, so it is perfect for those of you who like a simple design and give a relaxed atmosphere in the room. In addition, blue is part of the water element which is believed to improve mood. Undeniably, blue is a color associated with natural things such as the sea, the beach, the sky, and much more.



4. Fresh with green color

Adding natural elements into the apartment is believed to create a cool and fresh atmosphere. For those of you who live in urban areas, this natural element will become a green oasis in the midst of your busy life. Green is a favorite color for those of you who want a relaxed, fresh apartment atmosphere, and want to be closer to nature. In addition to placing ornamental plants, choosing a paint color or furniture with shades of green is the best solution.



5. Vibrant with red

Red is the color that attracts the most attention for the interior color of the apartment. Its bright colors and bold impression will amaze everyone. Although rarely used in interior design, red has a positive impact on your life. This color is vibrant, exciting and bold. If you are an independent, active, and socializing person, then there is nothing wrong with bringing red into the apartment.




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