7 Space-saving Multiple Kids Bed For Three

No matter how good you decorate a kids room, believe me it will never be enough when your little one has a brother or sister. I think most families, especially those based in cities don’t have space for individual children. Limited land and many residences that apply a minimalist concept, sometimes make you have to be smart in dealing with space, including creating a shared kids room that functions optimally.

This time we’re not going to talk about twins’ rooms, that means there will be plenty of room for more than two kids. Three children should be more than enough to let them be together in one room, and if you find that a little too much then check out this really practical and space-saving double bed layout idea.

However, sharing a room with siblings is fun, but often there is not enough room in the house and sharing is the best solution you can do. Maybe you already have an idea of where you will put the bed and their belongings, but try to see if a shared room is really cozy for them. Here’s some inspiration!

1. Bunk bed for three boys


Bunk beds are the best choice for shared children’s rooms. It’s not just for twins, get creative by picking up an IKEA bed and stacking it into three comfortable bed layouts for three boys. And the three of them really enjoyed their room.

2. Minimalist bunk bed


For a smaller room, you can choose a bunk bed design with an extra bed under the bed. In addition to being easy to store and use, this bed idea is perfect for a minimalist room. Children will easily play and interact with their siblings.

3. Three beautiful bunk beds


It was most likely designed by an interior designer, but look how easily and smartly the three beds were used by the three little girls. Some are floating, then some smart storage is also very space efficient and these three girls have their own private area.

4. A bunk bed full of surprises


It is undeniable that the time before bed for shared kids room is the most fun. This bed idea is not only colorful, but also a lot of surprises that go under the bed. Now, they will have more room to invite their other siblings.

5. Three shared kids rooms with a beach theme


If you have a large room, there is nothing wrong with giving three beds for each child. So that it doesn’t feel monotonous, also add a fun room theme such as the beach or vacation. This shared kids room idea is not only cozy, but also your little one will love.

6. Colorful bunk beds


In contrast to spacious rooms, narrow rooms can feel spacious with the right choice of theme. For a shared kids room, try incorporating lots of color and making it light to make it feel larger than it really is. In addition to colorful beds, the boho theme is also very attractive for small rooms.

7. Spacious shared kids room in vintage style


Vintage style is always loved and never timeless. Still with a large shared children’s room, you can add a vintage style as part of kids room decoration. Starting from the three comfortable iron beds, wooden floors, wall shelves, to the open space concept that will make anyone love it.


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