7 Stylish Wardrobe Ideas That Room More Aesthetic


Wardrobe is always the best choice for storing various fashion supplies and accessories. This furniture is usually located in the bedroom which incidentally is the most private area in the house. Thus, all activities such as changing clothes to dressing up will feel much easier. However, choosing a wardrobe cannot be arbitrary. Pay attention to your needs and the area you have so that the wardrobe does not take up a lot of space in the room.

The wardrobe choices are very diverse, ranging from hanging wardrobes, single door wardrobes, multiple door wardrobes, sliding wardrobes, to wardrobes with open concepts. That is why choosing the right clothes not only makes the interior look aesthetic, but also makes clothes neatly organized.

IKEA is one of our favorites with a wide selection of wardrobe designs that can easily fit into any interior style. As reported by IKEA, the following are some of the most stylish wardrobe ideas to make the bedroom more aesthetic. Scroll down and get inspired!

1. One-door wardrobe


Are you a bachelor or a boarding school kid who doesn’t need a lot of space to store clothes? One door wardrobe is enough to meet all your needs. This wardrobe design will not take up much space in your room.

2. Two-door wardrobe


This IKEA wardrobe design is also practical because it does not require a large area. Having a modern and minimalist design, this two-door wardrobe is suitable to fulfill your personal needs whether in the bedroom or living room. There are two types of storage that you can adjust, the first to hang clothes and the other side to fold neatly.

3. Wardrobe with mirror


This wardrobe is equipped with a mirror that makes it easier for you to dress up or choose the right clothes. In addition, the three-door wardrobe has a larger storage area so that it can fit more items.

4. Three-door wardrobe


The three door wardrobe comes with a large storage area. There are several storage options in it, from hanging clothes, folding, to drawers to store accessories and valuables. With a large capacity, you can store not only your personal clothes but also the clothes of other family members.

5. Wardrobe with sliding doors


For a small and narrow room, wardrobe ideas with sliding doors may be the right choice. This wardrobe design won’t take up much space when the wardrobe door is opened. Consisting of two doors, one side of the wardrobe serves to hang clothes while the other side is for folding clothes.

6. Open wardrobe


If you are a person with high mobility then don’t miss to choose an open wardrobe design. This wardrobe is equipped with a clothes rail to hang clothes so that they are easy to find when you want to wear them. With open cabinets you can save more time.

7. Wardrobe wall concept


This wardrobe design applies the concept of a large wall as a storage area. This wardrobe can be applied if your room is spacious, usually in the master bedroom or children’s room which is equipped with a play room.


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