8 Beautiful Ways To Transform Your Porch Into Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style is beautifully crafted both indoors and outdoors. We are all fans of Nordic beauty, serenity, minimalism and simplicity. These are the hallmarks of a perfect patio setting, even like seeing the beauty in things we don’t normally notice. Matching colored textiles, rattan furniture, lots of plants, soothing lighting in the form of lanterns and string lights. That’s only part of the beauty that you can enjoy outdoors.

Scandinavian style and hygge lifestyle continues to inspire people to bring it into all kinds of spaces. These porch, decks and terraces provide a calm and relaxed feel that there is no one way to achieve this style. Today we want to try to combine many elements to achieve a Scandinavian style and bring a hygge vibe to your space!

Cozy Hammock


Make your porch a cozy area to relax in when you finally get your hands on a hammock over the summer. This rattan macrame option replaces the standard bench and brings an alluring holiday feel. A large plant in a minimalist style will add comfort.

Wood Element


Wood elements are an important part of the Scandinavian style. It is a natural, timeless texture. Choose a set of wooden furniture for your terrace, you can even have fun with some holiday details.

Bold Statement


Not always white and minimalist. Choose something that makes a statement but isn’t too flashy like a black wall. When equipped with patterned pillows and wooden benches, it feels comfortable and cool to be surrounded by lots of plants.

Vintage Furniture


If you want to play it safe, just choose a minimalist style with neutral accents. In order not to look plain, add classic nuanced furniture such as chairs made of natural textures. It gives the impression of luxury and elegance to your outdoor space.

Outdoor Reading Nook


The cozy back porch will become your favorite reading corner. Equipped with a comfortable wooden table and rattan chairs, it will accompany your relaxing time on the weekend. Don’t forget to add plants, antique accessories, and maybe a cup of drink to accompany your break.

Rattan Furniture


There is nothing more beautiful than rattan furniture for a Scandinavian room. Like a dream back porch with rattan furniture and a round table, equipped with a rug in a matching color, a basket and string lights that add to the beauty.

Hygge Porch


The feeling of hygge is very pronounced thanks to the neutral hanging chair with cozy cushions. In addition, plants of various sizes add a natural and refreshing impression. Layered rugs and string lights add a warm feel on cold days outside.

Natural Surroundings


Trying to get back to nature with a supportive landscape. This Scandinavian porch works effectively for small spaces, it can even become the perfect dining area. The deck adds a neutral vibe while respecting the surroundings.


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